Snookah is simply a more efficient way of trying diving for the first time. At 1/3rd to 1/2 of the price of a traditional Discover Scuba Diving program offered by other local operators  & only slightly more expensive than snorkeling trips. Not here for long? No problem. Snookah Diving only takes a third of the time of a traditional Scuba Diving experience. No long commutes to and from the dives site, no struggling for the best spot with hundreds of other divers at the dive site. We dive right off Samui in pristine undisturbed reefs and islands. Also no need for long boring classroom sessions & heavy equipment associated with traditional Scuba Diving. 

  • Your family & friends don't dive or concerned about a long day away from them? 

No problem, our Snookah Dive trips take up much less time than traditional Scuba Diving trips, a typical half day reefs and islands around Koh Samui. Anybody can dive, ages 8-88, practically anyone can dive. Family, friends & non divers are more than welcome to join for snorkeling & we can all stay as one group. Great for kids, families, couples, the whole lot!

  • Traditional Diving too expensive? 

Cheaper than the price of a typical Discover Scuba Diving & only slightly more costly than typical snorkeling trips offered by local operators we're sure to meet anybody's budget.

  • Nervous about Scuba Diving, not sure you want to dive?

If you're feeling nervous about diving or concerned about the pressure factor associated with Scuba Diving, then Snookah Diving is your perfect solution. Here at Samui Snookah Dive YOU  are in control of the experience. No need to worry about strong currents or water movement. . Our trained and internationally certified English speaking Western staff are also rescue & first aid certified instructors with many years of teaching experience between them who are more than capable of making sure you have a safe and enjoyable experience. Snookah Diving is safe, easy & fun!

  • Already a Diver? 

Try Snookah Diving today and enjoy the freedom and liberty you get whilst effortlessly gliding through the water without the need for heavy equipment. Want to introduce your family/friends to the underwater world? Snookah Diving is perfect for this. 

Snookah or SCUBA?

Koh Samui offers the same snorkeling trips that are offered all over Thailand. Most snorkel tours involve getting shipped around on an overcrowded boat, given a life vest, mask and snorkel and left to your own devices in the water with no orientation, no fins and no rescue trained staff on board whilst you bob around on the surface surrounded by a large group of snorkelers. Why not try something different? Turn your regular Koh Samui snorkeling trip into an unforgettable underwater experience! Get up close to the marine life. Try real diving right here on Koh Samui. No prior experience necessary! Small groups and professional English speaking Western SCUBA & rescue instructors with you every step of the way to ensure your safety and satisfaction. Full snorkeling & snookah orientation and equipment provided  In fact, past clients have described Snookah as being easier than snorkeling!  Try something different to the regular snorkeling trips and make Snookah Diving one of the highlights of your vacation!

Snorkeling or Snookah Diving?
Want to Try Diving on Your Holiday but?

The scuba tank floats on the surface in our purpose built raft whilst you dive below connected to the tank by 6.5m breathing hoses. Clients are attached to the raft by a belt harness around the waist & breathe through a scuba regulator attached directly to the breathing hose. Less confident swimmers can also have peace of mind by being physically attached to the raft on the surface and can use the hose to control depth in a very easy, secure manner. Snookah Diving has been described by previous clients as easier than both traditional Scuba Diving or Snorkeling. 

Liquid Sky Scuba offers Snookah Diving on Koh Samui; a new unique diving experience to Thailand that differs from the traditional Scuba Diving or Snorkeling tours already provided by other operators in the area. Snookah combines the ease of snorkeling with the same underwater breathing experience as SCUBA in the safest way possible. It is relatively hassle-free with regards to time and effort and could offer a way to encourage snorkelers to become divers.

How Does it Work?
Become a diver
for a day

You don’t need to be a certified diver. A quick safety & environmental briefing and practicing a few easy skills are all it takes explore the underwater world.


Snorkeling keeps you on the surface but Snookah Airline Diving allows you to descend below the surface and explore while your air supply follows along on the surface in a raft, connected to you by an extended breathing line.


Anyone ages 8 and up can get in on the fun of Snookah diving. You will always have a trained and certified instructor with you on your dive keeping you safe and making sure you’re having a great time.


We like to say that Snookah Airline Diving is the bridge that fills the gap between snorkeling and SCUBA. Snookah Airline Diving takes the best qualities of both; offering the adventure of submerging and exploring the underwater world with the ease of snorkeling.


We are the only providers of Snookah Airline Diving in the Gulf of Thailand offering various trips to suit everyone’s tastes. The stunning underwater world of the Gulf of Thailand is not to be missed on your next vacation, and Snookah is the quickest and easiest way to enjoying this world up close!


This type of recreational surface supplied airline diving celebrates over 29 years of success with over 6 million happy & safe individuals introduced to the underwater world. We're currently in our third year of operation on Koh Samui enjoying 100% customer safety & satisfaction from all participants. All staff are English speaking Western certified PADI & SCUBA rescue instructors who's main focus is to ensure your safety and satisfaction the entire time.

What is Snookah Diving? (Supplied Air Snorkeling)