Frequently Asked Quesions

If I choose to snorkel on the speedboat trip, can I still try diving?

Due to logistical reasons, we are unable to offer our Snookah airline experience on the snorkeling trips by speedboat.

If I opt to go on the snorkeling trip, can I choose to dive on the trip?

Whilst we will try to accommodate your request to the fullest extent, we can not guarantee you will have the option to dive should you opt for the snorkeling trip option. This all depends on staff & equipment availability. If you're not sure about the dive, book it anyway, you won't be disappointed!

Can we pick the locations we dive?

We've picked the best dive locations around Samui and are partnered with a ferry company for our full day trips. Therefore, locations are fixed and can not be changed, apart from private charter trips - where we will pick the very best locations but are flexible to your needs. 

Can you offer discounts?..

Since we're the cheapest dive option in Thailand (but best quality!) and work with small profit margins, all prices are fixed and discounts are not offered to clients. 

..Not even if we're a large group?

Whilst we're more than happy to accommodate larger groups, we're still unable to offer discounts! We need more staff, more equipment, more cylinders, etc which increases the cost on our end too. 

Is my booking transferrable to other people in my group?

All bookings made and deposits paid are non transferable to other divers. I.e. If a party of 6 books, pays 50% deposit and only 3 show up, the full balance for 6 divers is still applicable. 

Is Snookah Safe?

Yes. Recreational airline diving has been around for over 28 years, over 6 million successful divers without incident related to the system or the dive. As long as you're in reasonably good health and not precluded from diving or physical activities by your doctor you're safe. You will be guided by professional PADI certified English speaking SCUBA & Rescue instrucors accompanying you every step of the way. For more information please refer to our dedicated page on this topic. 

I'm only here for a short time, can I still dive?

Our local daytrips only take 2-3 hours so you've got the rest of the day to enjoy yourself. Our full day trips are still worth considering though as its a great day out overall. Not to be compared with traditional SCUBA trips where you're stuck on a dive boat the majority of your day. It should be noted that if you're here for a short time & want to Snookah dive don't wait till the last minute! Its recommended that you leave at least 12 hours between Snookah diving and flying. 

I can't swim. Can I still dive?

Yes! Whilst it is helpful if you have at least basic swimming abilities, Snookah can be available for non-swimmers too. We have specialized safety equipment to be worn by non swimmers and we will guide you along by the hand the whole way making sure you're safe at all times keeping small groups, 1-3 per instructor. We're professional SCUBA & Rescue instructors so rest assured you'll be in safe hands!

People who skydive can't fly!

Do I need any certifications / experience?

No! Snookah is a great introduction to the underwater world for non-divers. Even if you've never dived or snorkeled before you can still Snookah dive!

What's the difference between snorkeling & Snookah?

The difference between snorkeling and Snookah is the difference between a trip to the zoo and a wildlife safari! Snorkeling offers you a 2D perspective of the underwater world, whilst you can still see the beautiful reef below you and schools of fish you're missing out on 80% of the action.

The beautiful Thai marine life living on these tropical coral reefs is not to be missed and that's why we're in one of the world's best diving destinations.

 Snookah offers a whole new 3D perspective of the underwater world! 

Why watch from up top when you can glide along with the rest of the fish? 

I'm already a certified diver, will I still enjoy Snookah?

Yes! The sites we visit on our popular day trips are frequented by SCUBA companies from all over Koh Tao & Koh Samui. The best stuff is at a depth of 6m at these sites so you can enjoy the exact same dive. Snookah is the perfect option to introduce your loved ones to the amazing underwater workd in a safe, easy & fun way! 

I'm here with my parents/children/family. Can they join too?

Absolutely! Snookah is available for all ages 8-88 so the whole family can dive together. Even so, observers are more than welcome (subject to availability) to join the trips, relax or see how everything is done. Even family members that opt not to submerge can still join along on the surface enjoying the benefits of our Snookah system and watch their families dive right below them.

Your family vacations should be cherished and we offer an adventure you can all enjoy together! Snookah is really the only way that the whole family from grandparents to grand childern can experience the underwater world together. 

English is not my main language. Will this be a problem?

Our instructions are mainly visual so even if English isn't your strongest language, we do our best and ensure you understand all instructions clearly before commencing with the dive. We make use of visual aids when explaining the dive & many of our customers have been non-English speaking with no issues to date. We've collected a number of hand written customer testimonials in a variety of languages including English, German, French, Hebrew, Arabic, Chinese & Thai as proof of this. Check them out here!

Is the Koh Tao Koh Nangyuan Daytrip Private?

In short, no. Whilst the diving portion is a private / semi-private experience, we join an already popular snorkeling trip. We transfer over on a public high speed ferry and after transfer to a daytrip yacht. 

Is Snookah available for private trips?

Yes! Snookah works well with private boat charters and we already have relationships with several charter agencies on the island. We're more than happy to join any pre-booked private trip or ogranize a custom VIP private diving experience. 

Snookah is cheaper than SCUBA, does this mean its a lower quality experience?

Even though Snookah is cheaper than other options, such as Discover SCUBA Diving programs, you still get the exact same experience by the same PADI instructors for the same amount of time underwater as a regular SCUBA dive. We're not a "cheaper" option, just less expensive. Its a VIP experience we're proud of with a high level of customer satisfaction in our 3 years of operation. We consider it the best value for money dive experience in Thailand and can assure you won't find a better quality experience for the price.  

Is Snookah safe for the environment?

Yes. All particpants are given a full safety & environmental briefing. You are made aware of the environment you will be diving in and won't be making any contact with the bottom & fragile coral. We make sure of this and are able to control your depth ourselves if you're having trouble so don't worry too much! We also do not participate in nor condone harmful activities such as feeding fish or walking on the bottom.  We also use 1/3rd of the equipment, less tanks to be filled (smaller energy footprint), less fuel (for boats carrying our equipment and guests) and do not produce any noise pollution (like compressors) during our dive! Check our our page for more info!

Can I decide whether I want to dive once or twice on the day? (Daytrips)

Due to logisitical reasons and added costs on our behalf, we are unable to book your second dive provisionally. Preparations are made on your behalf prior to trip departure (staff, tanks, equipment, etc) all based on prebooking. If you're unsure, we recommend booking the 2 dive option anyway, you won't regret it!

Are you the same as the helmet dive / Sea Walking?

No, absolutely not. We don't condone nor conduct any unsafe or non-eco friendly activities. We are all professional, eco-conscious SCUBA instructors. We don't take any shortcuts when it comes to customer safety & there's only one ocean which we do our utmost to protect.  

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We fully understand that your vacation time is precious to you and your choice of activities, safety and satisfaction are your primary concerns. We've never had any unsatisfied customers but if you have any further questions, Feel free to get in touch!

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