The Divers
The Diving System
  • Our Eco-Friendly Snookah Diving system uses one third to half the air of conventional SCUBA diving

  • Up to three divers can dive from a single tank

  • Since the tank floats on the surface, there is zero risk of the tank making an impact with the delicate reef

  • The air hose connected to the diver is positively buoyant and floats harmlessly above the diver, never coming into contact with the reef or disturbing bottom sediment

  • The entire system is compact and takes up a quarter of the space or weight of conventional SCUBA gear

  • It really is  the perfect system for the eco-minded diver!

  • Snookah Divers dive in little more than their swim suit

  • This means no dangling guages or equipment to drag along the bottom

  • Divers are also more aware of their surroundings as they're naurally avoiding contact with the sometimes sharp and jagged coral

  • Since the Snookah divers' buoyancy doesn't change, there is very little chance of them bouncing up and down on the reef, further protecting the delicate aquatic environment. Divers are light as a feather and most describe the feeling as "just like flying" (kids say its just like being a mermaid!)


  • Samui Snookah Dive is actively involved in the monitoring and preservation of local marine life such as giant clams

  • Our local reefs are seldom dived so we are able to monitor the reefs in their most natural, undisturbed state 

  • Preserving through awareness - All Snookah divers are educated and informed about local reefs.

  • Coral takes years to grow but seconds to break! This is why we make sure all our divers are as neutrally buoyant as possible and not hanging onto any coral or parts of the reef throughout the dive

  • Strict "No Touching!" Policy - Take Only Pictures, Leave Only Bubbles!


  • Unlike conventional dive operators on Koh Samui, we dive local reefs

  • We often dive right off the beach, or on local reefs just a few minutes away

  • This cuts down not only on travel time but also on fuel emissions from the boat

  • Since less tanks are used, less electricity is used to fill the tanks and also cuts on emissions from compressors used to fill the tanks

  • Snookah Diving utilizes conventional SCUBA cylinders, contrary to other forms of airline diving, no polluting compressors or air pumps are required during the dive, further cutting harmful emissions into the environment

Preserving Local Marine Life
Eco-Conscious Out of the Water 


by Samui Snookah Dive


"By Far the World's Most Eco-Friendly Way to Dive"


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Other Eco-Friendly Offerings

Apart from Snookah Diving, we also offer guided nocturnal marine life tours of local reefs on board Hybrid Stand Up Paddleboards or kayaks, all equipped with custom LED lights. The hybrid SUP boards are caramaran hulled and allow the participant to effortlessly glide along the reef, inches above the water whilst gazing in awe as Koh Samui's nocturnal marine life comes out to play! Perfect for marine conisseurs and eco-conscious travellers looking for an alternative and green method of cruising Koh Samui's waters. Find out more at or


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