We Love What We Do!

We love what we do, Its true you never forget the first time you breathe underwater!  The only way we can have that feeling again is to do it with new divers. Its a little scary at first , Its true that it doesn't seem like a natural thing to do, breathing underwater; but after you do, its a life changing experience. You realize no water is getting in your mouth & after a minute or two to gain confidence you then slide all the way underwater. Your body feels light, gravity lets you go. Through your mask you're able to see all the life thats been going on under there for millenia. Brightly colored small fish curious about you come swimming right up and look at you too. Your Instructor is right there coaching you along; he signals to ask if you're ready & you then leap off and fly through a blue fluid sky with just the sound of you breathing and the bubbles. You will be amazed and will never forget your first underwater experience.

That's why we do what we do. Its a great privilage  for us to be part of a memory you will have forever and we feel lucky to be the ones to share it. We do our best to make sure you have the best time possible. Your safety and satisfaction are our number one priority. Come dive with us. ;-)

About Us

The Team


The staff getting in the water with you are all professional scuba Instructors and divemasters. Some with hundreds of dives some with thousands. We have the highest standards for our staff . They must not only be highly trained certified professionals  all are first aid & rescue certified as well .They must love what they do and love watching you take that first breath . We act in a professianal manner at all times but remain fun and interactive. Our number one concern is diver safety and satisfaction. We love our oceans and marine life & are proud to be an Eco Friendly company. All classes are in English with western Instructors providing simple easy to follow instructions.


Our staff consist of instructors with a combined experience of over 35 years, including commercial, police & military  experience as well as recreational teaching - PADI & HSA.